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Skip the resume black hole, connect with referral gold.

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Delivering the best solutions with AI

Together, We Rewrite the Job Search Narrative

The traditional job search can feel isolating and impersonal. Resumes pile up in a black hole, and qualifications can get lost in a sea of applicants. We believe there’s a better way. At Refrr, we’re rewriting the job search narrative, one connection at a time.

We connect job seekers with the real powerhouses – current employees who can champion them within their companies. These connections spark meaningful conversations, open doors to hidden opportunities, and empower job seekers to showcase their unique talents.

Through these connections, dreams become attainable. Imagine landing your dream job not because of a perfect resume, but because a real person recognized your potential and became your advocate. That’s the power of human connection, and that’s what we’re here to facilitate.

Join us on this journey. Let’s rewrite the job search narrative together. With every connection made, we empower a job seeker and fuel a future filled with possibility.

The core values behind our work

Human Connection at the Core:

We believe in the power of genuine connections to propel careers forward. Resumes are valuable, but real conversations and shared experiences unlock true potential.

Empowering Job Seekers

We equip job seekers with the tools and confidence to showcase their unique strengths. Our platform fosters a culture of proactiveness and empowers them to take control of their job search narrative.

Championing Talent

We cultivate a community where employees can become advocates for talented individuals. By fostering connections between Insiders and job seekers, we unlock hidden opportunities and build stronger career paths.

Disrupting the Status Quo

We challenge the traditional, impersonal job search model. We believe in a more human-centric approach that leverages the power of networks and genuine connections to create a more fulfilling job search experience for everyone.

Our team consists of a group of talents

Chief AI Officer

AI Researchers

Data Engineer

NLP Expert

Research Scientist

Project Manager

We always want to connect our clients

AI accessible and beneficial for organizations, and we look forward to partnering with businesses to achieve their AI goals.
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