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At Refrr, we believe in the power of connections. Not only can employees help candidates land their dream jobs through referrals, but they also stand to benefit personally. Our unique referral bonus policy rewards employees for recommending top talent within their network. Here’s how you can make an impact and earn rewards:

Solutions for smart work

Earn Rewards

Employees who successfully refer a candidate who gets hired may qualify for a referral bonus, as per the company's policy.


Your efforts are valued. Gain recognition within your organization for identifying top talent.

Influence Hiring Decisions

Help shape your company’s future by recommending candidates you believe in.

Top 3 Recommended Profiles

As an added incentive, employees who participate in our referral program can receive exclusive access to the top three profiles from our candidate list. These profiles are meticulously selected based on their qualifications and suitability for various job roles across industries.

Your Gateway to Rewarding Referrals

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